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UNIFICATION - Soul Ascension Light Code


These Soul Ascension Light Codes support you through your Labyrinth of Soul Initiations at this time on Earth. They have been Channeled through me from a collective consciousness of Higher Dimensional Light Beings called the Sirian Council of Light and are here to support your own cellular remembrance.

The Unification Code is for activating your unity consciousness, to release duality and see the beauty in all things.

The portal into this is via the Heart Space and the rose is the highest vibrational flower directly linked with the heart. She is here to help recode our home coming back into our heart and higher heart space.

Through this we can release what no longer serves us and access the free flowing stream of love, the unification of divine union and learn to see and feel the world through our hearts instead of our heads.

The triangles interconnected symbolises the elements of the Sun/Stars and Sacred Earth Sites. The  Number 6 in Numerology is considered to be the most powerful. It represents Venus and it is a symbol of the union between partners.

As within, so without

As above, so below 


This digital design symbol is now available for you to use as you wish. Maybe a potent encoded logo for your soul-led business or add magick to your socials or website or print it and use to focus on within your meditations for powerful activations or framed for pure beauty in your home.

Upon purchase a link to the file is sent. This file comes with an transparent  background to use as you wish. Please download and save your files. You can then use an app like Canva to easily create your own custom social media posts.

UNIFICATION - Soul Ascension Light Code