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Light Language & Codes



Light Language or Language of Light is a heart-based form of communication from and with God/Source/Universal Intelligence/Creator/Prime Teacher or whatever name most resonates with you.

Light Language is not processed with the analytical mind it is felt through the heart. I often use the term Light Language to refer to vocalised forms, but it also takes other forms such as writing, movement, and gestures.

It bypasses the logic centers of the brain and the analytical mind that we’re accustomed to using and speaks directly to your being and the body at the subatomic/DNA level. This means that it is able to effect profound change in your life experience, particularly when combined with a healing intention

For those familiar with reiki, it’s a similar process of flow except that with Light Language there is no touch or hand placement on the body. The vibrations of the Light Language transmission are perceived by your body at the heart and subtle energetic level according to the intention you set for receiving them. You receive just as strongly whether you’re in the same room as someone channeling Light Language or across the globe.

Light Language is part of my everyday life and my healing modalities because of its transformational nature. I have spoken it since childhood but suppressed it in my teenage years then it came back in 2018 after receiving downloads from source energy when working with my clients for deep healing.

Time and space is no barer with Light Language and these codes can be transmuted into living cells and physical products. Everyone has a language of the heart and I feel blessed and profoundly grateful to support others to activate their own Light Language.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more ~