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come journey with me

Kia Ora ~ Welcome

I invite you to come into my world, open your heart portal & immerse yourself in my offerings

the light within me sees the light within you ~

You've been called in some magickal way into my world, to play together in the field of infinite possibility ~

This is my purpose work founded on over 22 years of professional experience, grounded in earth medicine, cosmic knowledge & heart centred service to guide you home to your true self.

The spectrum of my offerings range from Spiritual Mentoring, Multidimensional Energy Healing, Psychic Channeled Guidance, Soul Mission & Light Language Activations through to Quantum Business Coaching, Soul-Led Personal Branding & Design & Content Creation through to Holistic Wellness Products ~ Please look around & see what calls you then lets connect

It's time to...

Ignite Your Light

You have coded within you a full body cellular remembrance of your divine light & I'm here to guide you in awakening it

My Signature Program is for the women who is desiring to be held and fully supported in anchoring her SOUL-LED business into her reality. We do this by combining Mutidimensional Energy Healing & Clearing with Spiritual Business Coaching with structure, tools and strategy

Love notes

I felt drawn to Heidi's energy, as I had felt stuck in my path forward, and had been experiencing upper abdominal pain for a few months. Our session was so comfortable, and Heidi made me feel at ease immediately. I really connected and shifted some trauma I had been holding on to. She also effectively cleared the cause of my abdominal pain. It resolved during our session and has not returned. Sometimes we need that extra guidance on our life path. Heidi is an amazing facilitator for personal growth and healing.


Heidi holds a grounded and embodied space, with a beautiful ease and welcoming energy. Her guidance, wisdom and knowledge is immense, practical and relatable, and her ability to connect and share her gifts is powerful. I felt very supported and witnessed.


I signed up to Ignite Your Light business mentorship with Heidi recently for 7 weeks & I'm so glad I did! I was stuck with putting myself out there in my business & Heidi was full of great insights & practical actions I needed to make. I have experienced some big breakthroughs in many areas from working with Heidi. I felt my light being ignited & it was wonderful having Heidi's support, cheering me on, uncovering old programmed beliefs.