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Meet Heidi


I'm often asked what I do & in all honesty I find it challenging to articulate into human words when my work is so multidimensional & I'm so multi-passionate...

My current human words I have coded into my field are Multidimensional Online Business Mentor, Sacred Branding & Design Creator & Medicine Facilitator 

I have many many years experience working with women, teaching them how to step into their Higher Calling, Activate their Remembrance of their Multidimensional Self & being a Facilitator of Conscious Wealth Creation through the Channel of Mission Led branding.
My journey has been vast and expanded not only over the past 22 years that I have worked professionally in the wellness world but since childhood when I could see into other realms.

My childhood was spent in the forests, rivers, beaches & mountains of Aotearoa, New Zealand. I was the child picking the flowers, collecting the mud & mixing them into a brew of magickal potions. 

We lived in many old farm houses where people who had passed over but were trapped in the "in-between" trying to communicate with me. This frightened me as a child as I didn't understand, but also thought what I was feeling & seeing was completely normal & everyone could see what I was sensing.

I understood later in life that I was gifted with the ability to Channel higher dimensional beings with Psychic, Clairvoyant & Clairscentient abilities amongst others. 
My Starseed journey has been the largest part of my incarnation & remembering what my Oversoul contracted into this incarnation has been the greatest journey of all.

These abilities have grown as I have unlocked my inner wisdom over many years of personal journeying, guidance from skilled teachers, knowing my soul mission in this incarnation & working with sacred plant medicine.

This space is a constant piece of art evolving & growing as I do. I will be adding new updated information as I learn & embody my knowledge.

I am here to help guide you to to step into your Higher Calling, your Soul Mission, your Purpose Work & live the life of you are calling in. Please use the contact form and connect with me in any way you feel.

Heidi xx