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Soul Codex Symbol

Activate your fullest potential with your Soul Codex Symbol channeled for you from your Higher-Self. Your Soul Codex is specific information that your soul imprinted into your human experience when you chose to incarnate here on Earth in this time-space

They are encoded geometric high dimensional information held in the form of Light Codes to be used to guide & support your souls evolution and cellular remembrance here. 

This is a Portal into living in alignment with Highest Vision for your life

They are a gateway to remembering what wisdom is held within your entire being & bringing this into your everyday life as an anchor. This activates remembrance of your eternal God/Source/Universal Light & brings it into the present. 

It is given to you when you chose to incarnate & support you through your Labyrinth of Soul Initiations at this time on Earth.

They have been Channeled through me from a collective consciousness of Higher Dimensional Light Beings and are here to support your own cellular remembrance.

What you will receive ~

Your Soul Codex Symbol Channeled Activation session 1:1 with Heidi ( aprox 45mins) 

Your Soul Codex Symbol in Gold (png) 

Your Soul Codex Symbol to download & print (pdf)

Your codex is available for you to use as you wish. Print it and use to focus on within your meditation for powerful activations or framed for pure beauty in your home. Or maybe a potent encoded logo for your soul-led business & adding magick to your socials.

Please note this does not include any Soul Business Symbol Creation for your mission-led business, revisions or branding support. If you desire this option then please look here 

Soul Codex Symbol