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Spiritual Mentorship - 4 weeks 1:1


This is an intensive 4 week mentorship for you to be held and fully supported in a safe empowering 1:1 container with me where you will master your expanding abilities and learn to share them with those who need them. 

Together we weave through the layers of your current life and other lifetimes to unlock your true Souls Purpose, Keycodes and propel you forward on your Ascension journey.

I am divinely guided with my spirit team to assist you in remembering your own unique abilities, gifts and soul-work here on Earth.

As we do what I call Pathweaving together, some of the areas I can guide you though are advanced holographic crystalline healings, trauma release, soul retrieval, past life healings, entity extraction, unlocking your spiritual abilities, working with your spirit guides, activating your light language and star family and guided information to propel your forward in activating your souls mission.

You are here to live your fullest expression of your soul and be a living emissary of light on Earth and I am here to assist you in Remembering and Igniting your Light ~ 

Spiritual Mentorship - 4 weeks 1:1