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Reincarnation Ritual - How to Use Me

Breathe deeply, with one hand on your heart & other on your womb. Picture a beautiful golden light coming in from your crown, passing through your body all the way to your feet & into Mama Earth. Creating roots coming out through your feet & grounding you into this precious moment ~ Be in gratitude. Your Mantra I AM ALWAYS DIVINELY SUPPORTED repeat until you FEEL it.

Activate a true teaspoon with about equal parts water to form a mousse consistency & massage into shower-softened pre-cleansed skin, focusing around areas of concern. Rinse off with running warm water.

To use as an active treatment masque, leave on your skin for 15 - 20 minutes & spritz with mist to keep the masque alive & active (do not leave to dry out) then remove with a warm wash cloth & rinse your skin under flowing water to remove any excess herbs.


Follow on with the Wisdom Mist, Illumination Serum and Sacred Moisturiser for a beautiful hydrating hug.

For ultimate results & transformation:

Begin in the shower with steam-softened skin prepared by the Golden Portal Balm

Combine the Reincarnation with the Wisdom Mist to form the mousse & add 5-10 drops of the Illumination Serum for an ultra hydrating treatment masque.

Don’t forget to nourish your neck, decolletage, breasts, armpits & feet.