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Illumination ~ Bio Active Magick Serum Ritual - How to Use Me

Shake the bottle to activate the magickal ingredients.

Apply a drop to the palm of your hands, warm them together to activate the aromas. Hold them just over your face & breathe in deeply the aromatic oils then set the intention to receive. As you inhale, feel a golden liquid light with your breath moving through the top of your head (your crown chakra) and down your body through to your feet. As you exhale the golden light comes around the outside of your body and back up to your crown, creating a toroidal energy field. Your Mantra is I AM A SACRED VESSEL OF DIVINE LIGHT

Warm 5-10 drops in the palms of your hands and massage into cleansed dampened skin from the Wisdom Mist in gentle upward outward strokes. May be used alone or mixed with moisturiser / used after moisturiser for deeper hydration.

For ultimate results & transformation:
Follow with a generous spritzing of the Wisdom Mist to enhance penetration of both fat & water-soluble nutrients.

Add a few drops to the Sacred Moisturiser for an hydrating treatment

An extra drop patted around your eye area feeds nourishment while softening fine lines

Combine the Reincarnation with the Wisdom Mist to form the mousse & add 5-10 drops of the Illumination Serum for an ultra hydrating treatment masque.

Don’t forget to nourish your neck, decolletage & breasts

Use the remainder of residual oil on your hands & run them through your locks for a burst of nourishment

Store in a cool dark place below 21 degrees. External application only, in the unlikely event of a negative reaction discontinue use & consult your health practitioner. Clarity & colour may vary between products due to pure natural content.